Salon Information:

Body Conditioning Salon “HANAMURA” offers manual therapy for well-being, stress-relief and body structural balance.

We offer several types of therapeutic treatments such as Aromatherapy oil treatment (body and facial), Anatomy Trains Structural Integration(SI work), Thai massage and INDIBA (body and facial). We can adapt those therapies according to your conditions and goals.

Our therapy space is private, clean and safe that you can visit regularly to improve your health.


Access: 5mins walk from “Shirokane Takanawa” Station (Namboku Line or Mita Line)

*More details will be sent on your reservation.

Address: 5-16-11, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Date & Time: 9AM – 7PM
*Reservation has to be made by 12 hours before


*Please send me your convenient date & time, service which you would like to take, your email address, and your phone number(if you have).

*It will take about 10~15 minutes extra for quick consultation, selecting essential oils & getting changed, etc.

*All treatments include complimentary tea or a bottle of water.

*Cash or PayPay only.



One Trial session: JPY 13200 / 75 ~ 90mins

Each session: JPY 13200

Structural Integration is more than just a relaxing massage. 

It consists of 12 sessions. You will take each session weekly or biweekly once.

It focuses on releasing and realigning the connective tissue that wraps around muscles and bones and requires the client to work actively with the practitioner to help release restricted tissue. 

This helps the client develop greater kinesthetic awareness of their body.

As restricted fascial tissue is unwound and released, the body will gradually align around its core, returning to a more comfortable center of gravity. 

Releasing these restrictions often allows the client to stand taller, feel freer and more energetic.

We call this “collaborative work” because it’s essential for the client to become aware of the physical and energetic state of their body and respond to the practitioner’s cues during the session. 

The client’s posture is assessed before, during and after each session.
Together we evaluate the clients’ posture and suggest what changes might make it more comfortable and functional.
This assessment may include palpation, gait and movement tests, and the client’s medical history.

The idea behind Structural Integration is to assist the client in releasing the restrictive physical patterns that inevitably develop throughout life.

Every body is unique, and we focus on treating each person as an individual, without comparison to anyone else or some idealized concept of the perfect body.

Although this not symptom-oriented work, it often relieves old chronic pain.

Tom Myers Explains the ATSI 12-series

Aromatherapy oil treatment/massage (Body & Facial) click here

Body (Aromatherapy Oil Treatment<Massage>)
for Stress-relief
JPY11000 / 90mins

This is based on soft touch aromatherapy oil massage with blended essential oil after consultation. It can be gentle and smooth to release hypodermis and superficial fascia to stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood fluid around the body.
As the massage is anatomically considered technique with fluent rhythm, it can be effective for a variety of conditions including stress, insomnia, anxiety, and some pain from posture of daily life.

(back legs ~ upper back ~ front legs ~ abdomen ~ arms ~ décolleté ~ neck ~ dry head massage)

Aromatherapy Oil Treatment
Aromatherapy Oil Treatment

Rejuvenation Facial Treatment  (Aromatherapy Oil Treatment)
JPY12000 / 90mins

Rejuvenation facial treatment using organic vegetable oil with an essential oil selected after consultation including neck, décolleté massage and dry head massage.
Facial skin is one of the most exposed to outside and is at constant risk from polluted environment, free radical and weather. The cosmetic product “Faith ~Lamellar Veil EX” replenish the skin with natural phospholipids, a type of substance that is necessary in order to maintain the stratum cornea. As facial muscle is thin and mostly attached to the skin, this facial massage is very gentle and soft touch.

(facial cleansing ~ facial clay mask ~ décolleté oil treatment ~ facial oil treatment ~ skin up ~ dry head massage)

Body & Facial   (Aromatherapy Oil Treatment)
JPY15500 / 120mins

Relaxation Thai massage & stretch click here

This is a relaxation massage & stretch based on Thai massage.

JPY9000 / 90mins
JPY11000 / 120mins

*We are preparing to change clothes.

Thai massage
Thai massage

INDIBA (Body & Facial) click here


INDIBA® Deep Beauty raises internal body temperature, promoting an increasing reduction of fat deposits, body contouring, and firming of the skin, whilst preventing new fat deposits from forming in problem areas. INDIBA® Deep Beauty turns a beauty treatment for the body into a healthy experience.

JPY13000 / 90mins 

JPY16000 / 120 mins

 *Including oil treatment within the time

 *Body parts: Back, Abdominal, hip, legs, etc depending on the client’s condition.


INDIBA® Deep Beauty helps you enhance your inner beauty by improving cell function and increasing collagen and elastin production for younger, healthier-looking skin. INDIBA® Deep Beauty helps to improve and restore harmony to your face whilst bringing you a sense of inner peace.

INDIBA Facial A (Décolleté & Face)   

JPY14000 / 90mins 

*Including cleansing, short facial oil treatment, skin up & dry head massage

1) consultation, assessment

2) get change

3) INDIBA Treatment

4) Oil Treatment

5) get change

6) after consultation with herbal tea or water

INDIBA Body & Facial

Therapist profile

Rutsuko Hanamura 

 – International Federation of Aromatherapist (IFA)
 – Effective Touch®️ Superior (Body & Face) Therapist (Oil treatment)
 – Foot Reflexologist

Rutsuko’s journey of therapy has started when she was living in Paris in 2009. 

During that stay, she got interested in aromatherapy. She went to an aromatherapy school in Tokyo for a year to get a certification of IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapist) in the following year.

To make progress in her treatment techniques and deepen her knowledge of anatomy, she continued to take massage, foot reflexology and oil treatment classes for body and facial treatment.

She also went to ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration = developed by Tom Myers which is based on Rolfing(R)) course in the USA in 2016 and accomplished the course in Australia in 2019, has become the only certified practitioner of this technique in Japan.

She had been in charge of marketing for international artists in record company for 14 years so she is interested in many kinds of music. As she worked in the office for a long time, she understands well how the daily life postures and stress in the office influence on human’s body and mind.
She believes it is very helpful to maintain our condition if we could have the right place to ease and heal our body, mind, and soul.

She is passionate about to vitalize and heal people to make themselves happier and healthier both mentally and physically. 

*Japanese, English, and basic French Conversation available